Original Skyblock!

Welcome to the Original Skyblock shop! Here you can purchase a variety of ranks, items, perks and much more to enhance your experience.

All payments are handled through PayPal. 
You do not need a paypal account to checkout. Select 'I don't have an account' on PayPal's page.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!
Twitter: @OSB_Skyblock
Email: originalsbbusiness@gmail.com
Team speak: originalsb.enjinvoice.com
Website: originalsb.enjin.com
Please do not contact Mojang or Paypal if you have a problem with your purchase.

Notice: We are not affliated with Mojang, AB. Payments made to Original Skyblock are payments to a minecraft server. Donations to this server help fund the cost associated with Original Skyblock, which includes server hosting, DDoS protection, adverstisment, web hosting and various of other things. 



1) You are donating towards helping the server stay online

2) Because you donated, which helps us out, we give you privileges, included but not limited to; commands, items, pets, etc. 

3) You do not have an entitlement to these things listed above, but it is a mere privilege. As these are not rights, these can be revoked due to poor usage.

4) These privileges may be revoked at the jurisdiction of the server staff at their discretion, but you will be notified if and why. 

5) These are DIGITAL items, and you will understand that there will be no refunds, nor compensation for anything

6) If you do not read the terms and conditions, you are still held liable to them, even if you checked the box without reading these

7) If you are suspected of fraud, you will be banned. If there is a dispute opened, you will be banned until the matter is cleared up.

8) If there are any questions based on this, shoot an email to originalsbbusiness@gmail.com and a staff member will try get it sorted out ASAP